Time and Attendance Data Logging

When you think of Time and Attendance Data Logging, you're probably thinking of some guy punching away at the keyboard on the out of date computer in a small office lit with fluorescent light that smells of cheap instant coffee. This is not always the case...

Data logging technology is used by businesses all over the world from security firms, food storage to cleaning companies. Whether you're managing staff attendance or monitoring the temperature of a greenhouse, there is a data logging solution for you.

Maxim iButtons can be attached to a or keyring and with the correct setup, can grant its owner access to a building, or vehicle. Attached to a work tote, it can measure processes to improve efficiency in manufacturing, delivery and maintenance.

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Some Maxim iButton versions can be used to store electronic cash for small transactions, such as transit systems, parking meters and vending machines. The iButton can also be used as an electronic asset tag to store information needed to keep track of valuable capital equipment.

The Maxim iButton's unique form factor and features address widespread cultural and economic needs with regards to identify and authenticate personnel, time and date stamp events, guard property and track inventory.

The Maxim iButton is ideal for any application where information needs to travel with a person or object. With over 175 million iButtons currently in circulation, iButton technology has found a home on every continent.