DB25 to VGA & USB KVM Cable

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2L-5601UP | Aten KVM Cable DB25 to VGA and USB - Dueltek Computer Cables

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This KVM combo cable is designed for use with Aten 17" and 19" LCD console drawers and KVM switches.

The cables that you use when connecting your computer to ATEN's MasterView KVM switches play a very important role in the quality of the communication between the PCs and the MasterView unit. ATEN's custom made cables are designed to provide the highest signal capacity along with the lowest signal loss. What this means, to you as the consumer, is that you will receive the highest quality video output even in the higher SuperVGA video modes.

All ATEN's cables are manufactured with low resistance and low capacitance 24 AWG wires to ensure the best video performance. Another important difference between ATEN's cables and those of competitors is that ATEN uses coaxial wires to carry the red, green, and blue video signals. ATEN's competitors just throw the signal and its ground on two separate wires. By using coaxial wires ATEN reduces the possibilities of interference even farther.

ATEN's video cable is also built in compliance with standard UL 2919. The cables ATEN manufactures for ATEN mice and keyboards are also built to high quality requirements and are in compliance with the UL 2464 standard.

Cable Configuration:

  • DB25 Male (To KVM Input port)
  • USB Male (to PC Mouse/Keyboard port)
  • VGA Male (to PC VGA port)
Part Number Product Description
2L-5602UP 1.8M USB 2 in 1 Cable. DB25 Male to VGA Male + USB Type A Male - Aten
2L-5603UP 3M USB 2 in 1 Cable. DB25 Male to VGA Male + USB Type A Male - Aten